Permaculture is an interesting idea that relates to sustainability and especially gardening. The idea being that you take into account the effects of every single energy source or material that you use on a daily basis and calculate the best ways to use them. Efficiency is the key and so is accounting for every possible side-effect of an action and pairing it to keep your home sustainable. If you have animals, you would feed them with the parts of vegetables you don't eat, and use their manure as fertilizer in your garden. Making every resource we use renewable and limitless is the end goal of permaculture ideas.

Water Management

rainwater harvesting

Since I grew up in a desert, I became very acquainted with the idea that water is a finite supply. I was taught to be frugal with water usage, and to never allow faucets to run needlessly. Sustainability and organic gardening have much to do with the wise and proper use of water. You have to understand that clean water is a very precious resource, and then learn to use it wisely, such as in irrigation, or learning techniques, such as rainwater harvesting. When you use these techniques, you learn to be smarter with water usage and guarantee that you will have water in the future.

Grazing and Rotation

plating seeds soil

When you grow plants in one patch of ground for too long, you reduce its fertility. As well, allowing animals trample a patch of ground for a long times makes it so the ground is too packed and plants cannot grow. Fortunately, when you manage your land and animals the right way, you can create a situation that is beneficial for all parties involved. Sustainable gardening is possible through planned rotation of crops to minimize the chance that you will wear out the nutrients and minerals needed for growing plants. Also the manure that animals drop, as well as the pests that they eat, make the setup good for your plants and your animals.

Pest and Weed

chemical pesticides and herbicides

Chemicals that are used to kill bugs and weeds are not seen as sustainable nor safe for the environment. For this reason, organic gardening doesn't allow for the use of the manufactured and widely available chemical pesticides and herbicides. Many people fear that there are many side-effects that accompany using these agents that could eventually end up poisoning them, or that the weeds and bugs will someday become resistant to commercial herbicides and pesticides, and ruin all of their crops. Instead of using these harmful and dangerous chemicals, organic gardeners use renewable, natural, and sustainable ways of dealing with garden pests and weeds.

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